Courtesy Convention RSVP

2020 will be the first year our county convention attempts to have registration, precinct meetings, and the official convention on the same day. Typically, the extra days for precinct meetings gives the credentials team enough time to verify everyone as a delegate prior to the convention and address any potential issues at those meetings. Because of the time constraint, we are asking for each person to complete the following form in advance of the convention. This will give us time to print name tags and have your information ready to sign when you walk in!

  • This must be your legal first name as it appears on the drivers license and voter roll.
  • e.g. William -> Bill
  • Not a PO Box! This is used to identify your precinct and match your name on the voter roll in case someone else has the same name.
    Requests must be made to the chairwoman if you cannot attend county convention. The county party cannot guarantee you will be a delegate to these conventions.